The social networking giant, site in the blue is running very fast in introducing its new features. Its not a long time since Facebook introduced its new graph search and it has introduced its new feature called Facebook card which is like a debit card and amount in its is added by your friends as gifts. Currently its a new feature and works only selexted chains of store which are Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target.
This new feature would be beginning from today but for a selected people and regions only.
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Here is how the new feature works-
First of all you need to select the special one whom you want to send your precious gift and then choose the special gift from the gift cart or digital category.
Now choose the value of the gift which you want to send to the special. Your special friend would be instantly notified with his secret email-id. And he will receive his face book card within a few days (3-4 days). The moment your friend receives his card he can rush to the retail store (which you selected) and get his gift of the amount you selected.
All of these awesome Facebook Cards are reusable means when you recive your card first time, nex time you get a gift will be added to the same card. You can have multiple gifts of multiple amount and also there is transaction history to keep you up to date with the  transactions made by you.
Facebook gift card
You can view you balance and transation history with the account settings tab in your phone or desktop. You will also get real time notification in change of the gift balance to your phone.
This function would be available for U.S only but after sometime it is expected that after sometime it would be available worldwide

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  1. Hi Maddy; this is the first I’m hearing of this new feature. I’m wondering how much of a handling fee face book will be charging for this service as we know they cannot add new features without having an idea of how it will generate more revenue. This is not a bad thing, but sometimes I wonder if fb isn’t doing serious harm to their brand by appearing so desperate when it comes to creating new revenue streams. thanks for sharing, Max

    • Hey Maxwell its great to see you make a comment here! And you know that you reminded me of my old blog! This is a very old and it was one of the blogs by which i started blogging 😀 I m really happy to see you here! As far as this feature is concerned, its pretty long since it came into existence and this is the first time Facebook is just charging the amount of product nothing else! 🙂 And you can see my other blogs here-> &

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